Craps is a very popular casino game that is played by rolling dice down a craps pit. It is a very social game and one where all of the bettors are usually rooting for the same outcome. The object of craps is basically to have the dice roll the number that you want, which in general is the 7 or 11 on the first roll and the point on any subsequent rolls.

How to Play Craps

There are many bets on a craps table, but to begin we will take you through how to play based on making a bet on the pass line. A bet on the pass line during a “come out” roll is by far the most common bet in craps. If a 7 or an 11 is rolled on the “come out” roll then you win your pass line bet and if a 2, 3 or a 12 is rolled on the “come out” roll then you lose the pass line bet. If none of these numbers is rolled then the number that was rolled on the “come out” roll becomes the “point”. The dice is then rolled until either the point is rolled or a 7 is rolled. If the point is rolled you win the pass line bet, but if a 7 is rolled you lose it.

Another bet you can make is the “don’t pass” bet. This is basically the opposite of the pass line bet except if the player rolls a 12 there is a push. So if the player rolls a 2 or 3 on the “come out” roll then you win and if the player rolls a 7 or an 11 on the “come out” roll then you lose. After the “come out” roll you win if the player rolls a 7 and you lose if the player rolls the point.

You can also “take the odds” or “lay the odds” depending on whether you are making a pass line bet or a don’t pass line bet. These bets are made after the “come out” roll and you are basically betting either than a 7 will come before the point or vice versa. These bets are paid based on the odds of hitting the point or the 7 first. For example, if you are taking the odds (which means you are betting on the point) and the point is 10 then you would receive 2 to 1 on a winning result.

You can also make “come” or “don’t come bets at a craps table. These bets are basically the same as the “pass line” or “don’t pass line” bets, but can be made at any time. There are several other bets you can make at a craps table as well including place bets or don’t place bets, which are bets on certain numbers being rolled before a seven or a seven being rolled before other numbers. Many other bets that we won’t get into in this article include buy bets, hard way bets, lay bets, put bets, field bets and proposition bets.


Let’s say you bet the pass line and the “come out” roll is an 8. You now win when an 8 is rolled and lose when a 7 is rolled. You can also decide to make a “take the odds” bet and win a return of 6 to 5 if an 8 is rolled before a 7.

Basic Strategy

First of all you should never make a pass line bet after the “come out” roll. The house advantage of the pass line bet is only 1.41% with the “come out” roll, but this increases drastically after the “come out” roll. This is because there is a much greater chance of a seven being rolled than any point. In general you shouldn’t make any bets in the middle of the table because these all have much higher house advantages. For example, don’t make any hard way, lay bets, place bets or buy bets because each of these is around 5% house advantage.

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